Why use a buyer agent?


Local Knowledge – We know the ins and outs of many neighbourhoods, down to nuances like which streets or school districts are better than others, to which areas are up and coming investment opportunities! As our client we’ll also connect you with local contractors and service providers should you need assistance throughout or after your purchase.

Inventory Advantages – As your agents we help you navigate through the sea of inventory and identify homes that will best fit you and your family. We can even introduce you to off-market properties through our extensive network!

Negotiation Skills – We work on your behalf, with YOUR best interests in mind! We’ll analyse the current market conditions then put our experience to work to secure you a home that you love with favourable terms (and at the best possible price!)

Taking Care of the Unknown – We’re not just here to help you buy a home, we’re here to guide you through the process every step of the way. We’ll identify potential roadblocks before they come up, answer any questions you may have (and even ones you hadn’t thought of!), and be a trusted resource – through to closing and beyond!

Frequently Asked Questions

Even if you are months away from purchasing it’s a good idea to let your realtor know so that they can advise you on what you need to do to get your ducks in a row (improving a credit score takes time!) and start to let you know sold prices of homes within your criteria so you can start to get familiar with the market. When the time comes, we’ll also set you up on a search so that you see new listings before they hit MLS and keep our ear to the ground for possible off market opportunities!
Nope! Will you have much fun or success looking at homes without a pre-approval? Also, nope! A pre-approval will give you guidance on how much you can afford, as well as lock in an interest rate for a predetermined period. Pre-approval can also help make your offer more attractive than others who do not have a pre-approval because you’ll be deemed less “risky” in the eyes of a seller! Remember, a pre-qualification is NOT the same as a pre-approval!
While there’s no “magic” number, know that looking at homes online is VERY different from looking at homes in person! Unless you’re familiar with the area(s) you are looking in and are unwaveringly clear on your wants, needs, and deal breakers, looking at homes in person is a valuable exercise! You’ll learn to get a feel for square footage, evaluate the neighbourhood (and commute time), and possibly decide to reevaluate your priorities altogether! Occasionally, an opportunity pops up, or a buyer needs to purchase sight unseen, and that’s where we can counsel you on whether it’s time to pull the trigger!
The deposit is the money you pay up front to secure (or commit to) an agreement of purchase and sale for a property. Your down payment is the money that you pay to the seller upon closing, to be eligible for financing. Deposits are generally 5% of the purchase price and this covers any fees and commissions owed by the seller at the time of closing. Down payments can range from 5% to well over 20% (the more you put down, the less interest you’ll pay over time! How much you put down also affects whether you’ll need to pay mortgage default insurance, and how much). Your deposit will be credited towards your down payment upon closing!
Listing agents and sellers agree to a gross commission which is then split between the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent. So technically* real estate commissions are paid by the seller, and it doesn’t cost you anything to use a buyer agent! *It can be stated that the buyer INDIRECTLY pays the commission as a part of the purchase price, as any seller will factor in the commission to the final selling price that they are willing to accept.